Ali Ahmed Ali Mahash Al-Shahri (علي أحمد علي محاش الشحري)

Ali Ahmed Al-Shahri © Ross Hayden

Ali Ahmed is well-known, especially in Oman, as an author, researcher, and archaeologist.

He is particularly known for his systematic and tireless recording of paintings and inscriptions found on walls of caves, on rocks or other places in the Dhofar region of southern Oman.

Since the late 1980s he has discovered paintings and inscriptions in over 250 locations in Dhofar. He has photographed these and recorded their location for posterity.

Additionally, he has written two voluminous books and several scholarly articles on his findings, including other aspects of Dhofari customs and culture.

Key Words: علي أحمد علي محاش الشحري; archaeology; cave paintings; Dhofar



  1. Ali Ahmad is a dedicated scholar who has not only discovered but also published important information about his area. It is difficult to imagine the archaeology of the South Province without him.

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